Training In Compassion

Training In Compassion

Dates of next course: Mondays, January 2022 – Please contact for details.
Time: 7:00 – 8:30pm
Location: In-person TBC. (participants may also join online)

“Training in Compassion” explores a variety of practices and techniques that can help us to develop our capacity for compassion, and is modelled on Norman Fischer’s book of the same name.

All participants will receive a free copy of Fischer’s text, which we will explore over the course of 8-weeks together, learning, reflecting and practicing as a group.

Course Content

Opening to other people’s struggles can bring us great joy, purpose and meaning – this is the central premise of Training in Compassion.

In opening to the lives of others, we can begin to feel a sense of care – one of the most rewarding, powerful and liberating experiences we can have.

Have you noticed how the thoughts that cause us stress are usually thoughts about ourselves?(How am I doing? What does she think of me? Why do I feel like this? I need a new… When will I…?)

In this course, we explore the suggestion that redirecting our attention towards other people and, specifically, going towards their difficulties (rather avoiding them – our usual habit), is the way into a life of greater awareness, care and meaning.

During the course, we’ll explore such topics as:

  • The link between mindfulness and compassion
  • Why self-centered mindfulness-practice is limited
  • How to build acts of care and kindness into daily life
  • How opening to suffering can paradoxically bring us joy
  • How to use traditional “slogans” to train our minds to respond wisely to suffering
  • Reflection on themes including: Impermanence, Interconnectedness, The Self
  • How a sense of care can provide a deeper sense of happiness
  • Balancing compassion for others with compassion for ourselves
Norman Fischer on the significance of compassion

Each week will be practical, including meditation, reflection and discussion, along with a mid-session break for tea, coffee and (healthy) cake.

Participants will also be expected to try out different practices and techniques on their own, in-between sessions.

It’s recommended that all attendees have some background in mindfulness practice, or another meditation practice, but this is not essential. (Please message to discuss, if you are unsure.)

Please note, this course contains Buddhist materials. It doesn’t shy away from the fact that the any mindfulness-practice needs a practical and intellectual framework, if its real power is to be unleashed. The framework we use in this course is largely secular in nature, but includes elements of the Tibetan and Zen Buddhist traditions, and we will explore themes that directly touch upon Buddhist teachings.


Regular Admission – £250
Concession* – £190

* Concessions include over-65s and those un/low-waged.