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People who’ve attended our events say…

“Thank you Michael […] It was a wonderful day and have been thinking of it and have felt very relaxed since and have planned two changes I can make in my own life”

“Dr. Michael Roberts’ teachings are full of clarity and have a strong soothing power. For an anxious person like me I have found his meditation practices and teachings incredibly useful. Highly recommended.” Mira Gomez

“The Mindfulness Tree has lovely, insightful meet-ups; they help bring me back to my centre and experience peace and joy – highly recommended!” – Jonathan Ash

“I have attended a number of Michael’s sessions and what a welcome respite from a busy working life they are. Michael provides a positive personal experience interestingly within a group setting, and this has enabled me to find that positive “mind-set” which in these trying times can be challenging. I can certainly recommend the “mindfulness tree” to anyone and everyone who wants to improve well-being, no matter what your circumstances might be. To be able to appreciate all that life can offer in all it’s fulness and find that something extra to enhance daily living in a safe space had been invaluable.” Kay Arnold

“I was really looking forward to this day, and it didn’t disappoint. I learned different ways of practising mindfulness, and have hopefully taken away some tools for implementing a practise at home to use in my day to day life. Michael and Roger were very welcoming, knowledgeable, and easy to talk to, and certainly knew their stuff. A very relaxing day” (day co-led with Roger Hunt of Alder Tree Mindfulness)

“Enabled me to learn how to get clarity and set things to one side by giving time to myself”

“This was such a valuable day for me overall. I didn’t know anything about mindfulness before coming here today, and now I feel confident that I’ll be able to bring the practice into my everyday life. I suffer from anxiety and … today was the first time I’ve felt calm in a very long time. Thanks you so much”

“Various exercises we’d done were very helpful, I felt deeply relaxed. It was interesting to find out how other people in our group experienced the exercises as well. Michael delivered the sessions in professional but very approachable manner, and he had a very positive aura”

“I know a lot more now about mindfulness than before the course. I found the guided meditation sessions very helpful and I liked how the day was relaxed and not too intense”